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Digital Market: What to know

  1. What is Digital Product ?
    • A digital product on Gems Mobile Money is ANY product or content tha can be downloaded or delivered via e-mail instantly. Here, when you buy a product, it is available for instant download on your "My Digital Store" page.
  2. What is Digital Marketplace ?
    • This is an online place on Gems Mobile Money where you can sell or buy Digital products.

Sellers FAQ

  1. How Do I Sell on GEMS Digital Marketplace ?
    • No extra task or signup fee is required. Prepare your product, make sure it's well documented, upload and start earning.

      Selling Tips is that you should share your product's link on social media and any other platforms.

  2. Sellers' Products
    • Sellers must be sure they sell only legal products which they have right to sell or resell. No copyright infringement is allowed.

    • As a seller on Gems Digital Marketplace, your product MUST address and solve the EXACT purpose and/or problem for which it was designed, that is, if your product is fake or substandard to what is expected, our product review team would disapprove such product.

  3. How Do I Get Paid ?
    • EASY AS 1-2-3
    • Whenever a customer buys any of your products, the user's wallet is debited and yours is credited immediately with the EXACT selling price you set for your product (NO DEDUCTIONS).

    • You can ALWAYS request cash withdrawal into your physical bank account at any point in time and as many times as possible. Your account gets credited within minutes of initiating the withdrawal request.

Buyers FAQ

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