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For the best customer experience which is second to none, we are the true definition. Our credibility is indisputable! We have proven that in our other businesses with 98.99% customer satisfaction delivered.

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Get the cheapest data here. Can be rolled over, lasts longer and works on PC, Android, iPhone, Tablet and Blackberries

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Cheap Airtime Topup at 2% Discounts

Stop buying at ₦110 when you can get it cheaper, starting from ₦98 across ALL networks. Same value! Same bonus! Instant Topup

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We are registered Information Technology company based in Lagos Nigeria. We operate under the approval of top licensed companies to bring you second to none professional services. Read more

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Our Credibility

Customers Trust

Over the years we have gained so much trust from our customers from all over the country whereby much has been entrusted to our hands, and we have not for a minute failed them.

Fast Delivery & Short Response Time

Quick service delivery is not just our habit, it is part of us. Our staff are specially trained to respond swiftly to service deliveries and all requests, even under duress and are always ready at anytime within our work hours.

Best Assured Support

We can courageously say our support system is one of the best among our contemporaries. Our staff are available to respond to your chats, emails, phone calls and other available communication methods until you confess your satisfaction.

Data Plans


450 /1GB
  • 2GB @ ₦900
  • 3GB @ ₦1,350
  • 4GB @ ₦1,800
  • 10GB @ ₦4,670
  • 5GB @ ₦2,250
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705 /1GB
  • 500MB @ ₦440
  • 2.5GB @ ₦1,750
  • 5GB @ ₦3,400
  • 4GB @ ₦2,750
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980 /1.5GB
  • 2GB @ ₦1,175
  • 3GB @ ₦1,470
  • 4.5GB @ ₦1,970
  • 11GB @ ₦3,920
  • 2GB @ ₦1,200
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975 /1.6GB
  • 3.75GB @ ₦1,960
  • 5GB @ ₦2,430
  • 7GB @ ₦2,910
  • 10GB @ ₦3,890
  • 12.5GB @ ₦4,875
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17,000 /20GB
  • 20GB @ ₦6,000
  • 50GB @ ₦12,000
  • ~GB @ ₦19,800
  • ~GB @ ₦1,000
  • ~GB @ ₦10,000
  • 15GB @ ₦10,000
  • 7GB @ ₦5,000
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980 /1.5GB
  • 4.5GB @ ₦2,460
  • 3.5GB @ ₦1,960
  • 10GB @ ₦4,899
  • 2.5GB @ ₦1,470
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This is cool and awesome service. Really enjoy it a bunch

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  Gems happy customer

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